Sandalwood plantation business plan

Our expertise team is specially trained to handle this occurrence by regular monitoring of the crop and its health. As income is shared on In waterlogged areas, planting on raised mounds up to one metre high is done in sandalwood plantation business plan areas in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, usually in multiple rows along roads.

Specific sites suitable for different species. Family Name of Sandalwood: The Detailed Project Reports cover every aspects of business and business Need. Sandalwood is available in red, white and yellow colors.

Pests and Diseases in Sandalwood Cultivation: On an average it grows 5 cm girth per year under good soil and climatic conditions.

For growing sandalwood plants via planting sandalwood baby plants, they should be purchased from a genuine and certified source.

We have a team of 12 interns from various agricultural universities who are full time employees of Siri Agri Group and have undergone complete training in handling the crop module designed in case of any unforeseen events.

As the last resort, in case of failure of all the above planning, water can be availed on subsidy from the Government canal which runs within our project. This is a very important Question we request investors to read it thoroughly Climate: Even in scenarios where the ph value reduces interimour scientists have identified artificial means of substituting it.

The role of sap sucking pests belonging to the family Coccidae is very deleterious to the normal health, growth and reproduction of sandalwood plants specially as this are invisible to human naked eye and cannot be identified easily. Bore-wells dug in the farm are done after a firm geological survey and are dug almost 10 times more than the current water availability.

Prepare the soil or beds in such a way that excess water will drain out quickly in case of heavy rains or floods. Even the drip irrigation adopted by our company can self detect and pin point any faults within it reducing supervision.

After soaking the powder in water for 2 days 48 hours and distilled. Sandalwood plant does not require any irrigation in rainy season and make sure to drain out any excess water from the tree basin. The collected seeds are well-treated and dried in sunlight before seminate on nursery beds.

The project is planned to be self funded for all its maintenance costs as Sandalwood farming needs host plants at various levels which manage continuous funding for management.

If you are planning for commercial cultivation of sandalwood, it is advised to go for soil test and fulfill the nutrient requirements in the soil based on soil test results.

Per acre you need minimum to clones approximately. They have also been consistent with spreading lime on each paddock once every three years.

Starting an Oil Palm Plantation – Sample Business Plan Template

With easier means to earn more even farm labourers in villages are fast moving towards metros causing huge shortage of availability in farming sector. Climate Requirement for Sandalwood Cultivation: Santalum Album is the most profitable assortment of sandalwood which is the most expensive crop in the planet earth.

The rest of the requirement of human labour needed to do the farming is select from villages following a stern recruitment process and the selected candidates are taken on permanent payrolls of Siri Agri Group with all facilities like, PF, pension, bonus and a small share in the profits.

The land selected for plantation go through proper soil test for their PH value.Australian sandalwood does produce a lower oil content than Indian sandalwood although it consistently produces the oil forming heartwood from a very young age.

Sandalwood plan warnings not heeded as NT Government forges ahead

Australian plantation sandalwood has been tried and tested in small plantations throughout WA for over 25. On average 1 acre of sandalwood plantation cost 6,00, INR (six lakh Indian rupees).

Sandalwood heart wood is costing about 6, Rs/kg. Total yield of kg can be expected.

Corporate sector enters sandalwood plantation

So, total expected price after 15 to 20 years. Amla Plantation, Processing and Preservation Detailed Project Reports cover all the aspects of Amla Plantation, Processing and Preservation Business from analyzing the Amla Plantation, Processing and Preservation Market, confirming availability of various necessities such as machinery for Amla, raw materials to forecasting Plantation, Processing and Preservation the financial requirements for Amla.

The surrounding have living sandalwood trees aged years in the surroundings proving its capability to cultivate Sandalwood. Mortality/Failure %: Siri Agri Group considers this factor as the most important factor in which the company expertises.

The severe shortage of sandalwood (chandan), hitting user industries like perfume, soaps and medicine, has encouraged pragmatic changes in the rules on cultivation, encouraging the corporate sector to embark on plantation of the endangered wood species. Teak, Eucalyptus, Mahogany, Sandalwood Plantation and cultivation Call for Tree Plantation ,, for more detail or log on

Sandalwood plantation business plan
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